Why The Baggy Method Could Be Your Solution For Dry Ends


Dry Hair?

Rough ends?


Hair not growing?

Certainly you’re not the only one who feels this way!. Most naturalistas at some point had these issues.

If you are noticing split or dry, brittle ends then try baggying on your ends a unique trick to help restore dehydrated ends, into my regimen.

What Is The Baggy Method?

The baggy method is a highly popular technique and a creative solution for locking in your moisture. Many curlies swear by this method on their journeys to longer hair.

Baggying is simple: apply a moisturizer to your hair and then put on a plastic sandwich bag or plastic shower cap over your head for 2-3 hour (or even overnight) to lock in moisture and promote growth.

Two Options

There are two ways to do the baggy method to retain moisture.

ENDS ONLY BAGGY METHOD – You can choose to only apply product to your ends
FULL HEAD BAGGY METHOD  – Apply product all over your hair
The all-over method is usually done on freshly washed hair. You apply your favorite moisturizer or a dab of conditioner to your all of your hair.

What You’ll Need:

Your favorite moisturizer or conditioner
Ziploc sandwich bag, Saran wrap, a plastic bag, or a plastic shower cap
Hair tie


The full head baggy method is simple. Here’s what you will need:

A plastic shower cap
An elastic headband
Wash and condition the hair as you normally would and rinse out all of the product.
Apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner or your favorite hair moisturizer (i.e. the moisturizer should have water as one of the first ingredients) throughout the hair.
Cover entire head with shower cap.
Secure the shower cap in place by adding an elastic headband. If water leaks out of the shower cap and drips down your neck and face, try covering up the shower cap.
You can leave the shower cap on for a few hours or even overnight, but not any longer than that because hair needs to dry and breathe. Repeat these steps every 7 – 10 days or when needed.



If dry, split ends are more of a problem, then the ends only method is for you! Here’s what you’ll need:

Leave-in conditioner and/or your favorite oil
Rubber bands or any elastic hair tie
Plastic bag or sandwich bag
Finger detangle hair and divide it into small sections (4 to 6 should do).
Apply a leave-in conditioner and/or your favorite oil, to the ends of the hair. Use a lot so that the ends are saturated. Good oils include plain olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and almond oil.
After applying your product, place a plastic bag (sandwich size or smaller, or you can cut the corners off of a grocery bag and use that instead) over your ends and secure the bag with a rubber band. You don’t have to tie them too tight, just secure enough to keep the bags from slipping off. Also, make sure the band is over the bag only and not on the hair. Tying the band onto the hair may cause tugging and breaking of the hair.
Cover hair with a satin scarf or satin bonnet and let set overnight.
Remove bags in the morning and style hair as usual.
The ends only baggy method works great for protective styles as well as braids and twists, especially if you have been wearing the style for awhile.

ends only baggy method



If you are pressed for time or prefer a simpler method, then you should try  “The Ponytail Baggy Method.” Here’s how it works:

Pull hair into a loose ponytail and moisturize your ends.
Apply a bag to the ends and secure.
Cover the hair with a satin bonnet.
Remove the bag after a few hours and style hair as desired.
Unlike the full head baggy method, the ends only and ponytail baggy methods can be done nightly.Ponytail baggy method


Black Hair Grows.. Don’t Give Up On Your Hair Journey.


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