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The Inversion Method For Hair Growth: Grow Up To One & Half Inch On One Week


What would you do to grow your hair?

Eat super healthy?

Take a basketful of vitamins & supplements?

Drink eight to ten glasses of water a day?

Buy expensive hair products or growth aids?
What if 1 simple act would give you an inch of hair growth in only 7 days?

Do I have your attention now?

What Is Inversion Method?

The Inversion method for hair growth is a hair treatment which will have a person inverting the body upside down or in a slightly inverted angle.
The theory behind it is that being inverted, along with a scalp massage will increase circulation to the scalp & allow more blood flow to your hair follicles allowing hair growth to increase.


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If you are suffering from any of the conditions listed below,  Please do not attempt the Inversion method.

●Low or high blood pressure
●Detached retina
●Ear infection
●Spinal injury
●Heart or circulatory problems
●Pregnancy, hernia
●Unhealed fractures or injuries
●Recent stroke

Be sure you do not have any of these ailments before attempting the inversion method.

How To Do The Inversion Method

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  1. Take an oil of your preference. Use any of the oils from the list of natural hair growth oils. ( I prefer to use equal quantity of castor oil and coconut oil).
  2. Warm it up slightly. Make sure the temperature is just slightly warm.
  3. Massage this oil on your scalp with the help of your fingers, gently running it into the roots and hair for 5 mins.
  4. Once the massaging is done tip your hair upside down gently and let it hang loosely, maintain a steady angle of inversion.

Suggested positions
●Sitting in a chair or on a couch & lowering your head slightly toward feet as if you are painting your toenails
●standing at kitchen sink & lowering head as if you are getting ready to wash your hair.The inversion can be done by sitting on a chair or on a couch. You may also stand at your kitchen sink lowering your head like you do while you wash your head. Maintain any of this position for
only 4 minutes.

5. After that let the oil sit on the hair for 2 hours or braid your hair and leave the oil on overnight for better results. Co-wash to remove excess oil if necessary.

6. Repeat everyday for only 7 consecutive days/1 week.

Wait at least 3 weeks btw each attempt otherwise, your body gets used to the extra blood flow. Then the mtd will not work as well.

For example
If you did the IM 1st week of May next session will be 1st week of june.

Final Word

This method is NOT safe for people with medical conditions or pregnant women.


Measure your hair with a tape before beginning to monitor growth.

Use only natural oils

Choose a comfortable angle

It’s really worth trying… you’re not spending money or leaving the comfort of your home.

So there’s really no excuse not to try. 😉





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